On these pages of parts listings you will find most parts that are available. Not all parts for a particular model may be listed. Please ask if there is something you need that is not listed. Also some assemblies can be broken down further if you only need a piece of it. Many parts are used on multiple year and model bikes. Please ask!!!








1975 CB500T      
  handlebars REAR FENDER air boxes grab bar
  handlebar controls FORKS chain guard guages
  headlight bucket FRAME (NO TITLE) wire harness rear brake pedal
  front fender COILS inner fender elec box
  rear fender signals light cluster master cylinder
  taillight sidecovers igniter relays
  wiring harness exhaust
  battery tray front wheel
  carbs center stand
  seat side stand
  starter mounter mounts
    HANDLE BARS tachometer  
    SWING ARM    
    SIDE STAND    
1980 CB 750      
  front brake master cylinder clutch perch left switches
  shocks coils throttle & switches throttle cables
  wire harness clutch cable tach cable speedo cable
  horn rt grip start solenoid brake pedal
  rear pegs signal relay shift lever rectifier
  horn carbs rear stop switch chain guard
  front fender gauges headlight headlight shell
  choke cable front signals front wheel rear wheel
  forks triple tree front pegs swing arm
  battery cable handle bars chain adjusters reflectors
1982-83 V45 MAGNA      
  new clutch cable inner fender speedometer brake disks
  rear brake drum clutch basket battery box final drive
  refelctors stator radiator cooling fan
  airbox cover sub gas tank left fender strut carbs
  rear brake rod rear cyclinder headers axle carb to head boots
  valve covers air filter air box top rear brake pedal
  radiator end trim coolant fittings over flow bottle and hoses thermstat & housing
  cluthc disks& plates engine side cover rear pegs front pegs
  exhaust shield tail light bucket signals gauge trim ring
  rectifier horn rear peg bracket rectifier
  coils shifter lever master cylinder license bracket
  right side cover starter switch gauge lights front calipers & hoses
  upper tree ignition switch no key tachometer headlight bucket
  rear shocks turn relay start relay handlebar center trim
  engine fork brace trim brake rotor bolts clutch master
  front brake master cylinder air filter box rectifier battery tray
1977-78 CB-750F      
  tank mount rubber rear pegs front pegs head to carb boots
  voltage regulator exhaust clamps airbox hose brake pedal
  kick stand tach cable signal buzzer turn signals
  starter relay tail light carburetors air filter box
  tool tray brake disc
1979 CX-500      
  master cylinder brake lever throttle cable